Colorado Code Publishing appreciates the diversity of needs and the distinct character of each municipality, taking the necessary time and energy to cooperatively bring each publishing project, large or small, to its fruition, fulfillment and completion. The Company will customize any services requested by a municipality or county, from the formatting, organization and adoption of a Code to a complete review of the contents of an existing code.

The Company, personnel and work are all in Colorado, and we are proud of the level of service offered.

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Colorado Code Publishing Company Services


Making municipal ordinances and laws accessible and up to date, codification is the organizing and publishing of legislative ordinances of a general and legislative nature into a system of chapters, articles and sections with similar topics and subjects grouped together in logical sequence. In its final form, the Code also includes the publication of a Master Table of Contents, Chapter Tables of Contents, Code Comparison Table, Disposition of Ordinances Table, Table of Up-to-Date Pages and comprehensive Index. During the codification process, all of the contents are reviewed for subject matter and consistency. The adoption steps for a Code are provided for use by the municipality, including the preparation of a draft version of an adopting ordinance which meets state statute requirements.


Recodification is similar to the Codification of an original code, except that an existing code and any recent ordinances are used to create a new Code, rather than only the original ordinances. A Recodification is accomplished in the same general manner as a Codification and includes the reorganization of the work, new tables and additional legislative material if needed or desired. The municipality receives assistance in the adoption process as described in the Codification process. Reference tables and a comprehensive index are prepared.


Republication involves the publishing of an existing code in the same paragraph style, outline and organizational system as it currently exists. The contents are checked and verified against original ordinances, section titles are reviewed, ordinance tables are completed and the index is reconstructed. Language is reviewed for consistency within the code. Ordinances that had not been included in the code will be incorporated during this process, in order to provide the most up-to-date version of the code. These ordinances will be reviewed and incorporated in the same manner as a Supplementation. The complete, updated work is reformatted, printed and published in a full-page two-column or one-column format, based on the requirements of the municipality. Republication does not required the adoption of the code by reference, but presents the updated code in the format selected by the municipality, and often includes updated code binders and divider tabs for a new, updated look for the code.


Reformatting is the publishing of an existing code into a new layout and format, including updated tables and index. The contents are reviewed for consistency in grammar and terms. This process generally only provides new contents for the code, but may include new binders and divider tabs at the municipality's option.


Colorado Code Publishing Company offers Supplementation or updating services for all existing municipal codes. Formats and structures of existing codes will be observed and matched. Colorado Code Publishing excels in code supplementation service and provides a comprehensive review in the following respects:
  • The printed code supplements will match the existing Code in type style, format, paper quality and color.
  • Regular code supplementation service is offered with a forty-five-day completion time, which may vary depending on the size of the supplementation.
  • The cost of supplementation service is established at a per-page reasonable rate, and is based upon the number of supplements requested by the municipality.
  • All of the work is accomplished in an electronic format on currently available software. The updated Code is provided to the municipality on a CD. This service will enable the municipality to build a database at a modest cost.

Electronic Publishing

The revised Code is available to the municipality in digital format for ease of reference. Codes are offered in popular word processing software. After each update, the CD containing the updated Code is provided to the municipality at a nominal cost.

Internet Service

Colorado Code Publishing offers Code hosting service at this website. The format is provided in a .pdf and/or .html format as a full-page, single-column layout and flowing text. Online word searches are described at Search Features below. A disclaimer is provided in the introductory text, noting that the Code as supplemented online is not the official version of the Code and the printed and published version maintained by the municipal clerk is the version to rely upon.

Interim Supplementation

An Interim Supplementation service is offered to municipalities desiring to maintain the online version of the Code current, and updated with the most recent ordinances incorporated into the Code in between printed supplements. When an electronic version of an ordinance is provided by the municipality after adoption, the ordinance will be added to the online Code and highlighted. Changes to the ordinance tables or index will not be made until the Supplementation has been accomplished, at which time the entire supplement, including the tables and index, will be merged into the online version of the Code. A disclaimer and description regarding the interim Supplementation is provided, including the chapters affected by the interim ordinances. This Interim Supplementation service is typically accomplished within two weeks of receipt of the original ordinance.

Search Features

Searches within the online Code are accomplished by using a resident search engine for specific words and phrases. This search will identify matches within the various chapters of the Code. The identified chapter when presented in .pdf format may also be searched in Adobe Reader. The table of contents for each chapter is also available. A link to Adobe Reader is made available for downloading prior to opening a Code online. When presented in .html format, the search feature will highlight the "hits" for the word or phrase. This format is preferred for working with computers and mobile electronic devices.


Upon request, estimates will be provided for any services we provide as listed above. When a general estimate is requested, whether it is for Codification, Recodification or Supplements to any existing Code book, a proposal and additional information will be provided to the municipal clerk.

Upon receipt of an RFP, the bid documents will conform to the information requested in the RFP and samples of our work will accompany the documents.

Specialized Municipal Publishing

A city or town often publishes individual chapters, ordinances, rules, regulations or other directives for general dissemination or distribution. Colorado Code Publishing is familiar with the language, terminology and organizational contents of municipal publications. Any building code, development code, land use code, police-related volume or other municipal publications may be published in the same concise and accurate manner as any Municipal Code.

Additional Services

  • Formatting Options. The format of a Code can be customized according to the needs of the municipality. It may be printed in a one-column or two-column style, on either one-sided or two-sided pages. Generally, the two-column, two-sided format is used to reduce the volume of larger books, but a smaller town or city may prefer the single-sided format to give substance to the finished Code book.
  • Loose Leaf Binders. Colorado Code Publishing can provide a three-ring custom binder with a simulated leather outer cover, with the municipality's name printed on the spine and front cover. The binder's thickness will be determined by the number of pages to be contained in the Code. The finished Code books will be delivered complete with binders and divider tabs.
  • Reprints. Specific chapters from the Code may be organized and printed separately, with a separate table of contents and index added if desired. They may be bound in a selected cover or binder, or reduced in size and placed in binders that allow for future updates. Reduced versions are often provided for use by law enforcement departments, and will include only the enforcement provisions of the Code, such as nuisances, traffic regulations and offenses.
  • Distribution Services. All completed work, including initial and/or replacement Code books and supplements, will be mailed to the municipal clerk. Supplements may also be distributed directly to subscribers outside of the municipal government for an additional charge to the subscriber. Order Forms are available online for many of the Codes.
  • Prompt Response. Correspondence is acknowledged and/or answered promptly, usually within twenty-four hours. Supplementations are normally be completed within forty-five days. Codification or Recodification completion dates will not exceed four months to provide the first draft and, after review by the municipality, to provide the final Code for adoption.
  • Conferences. Prior to entering into a contract for services, a telephone conference or personal conference may be arranged to review the work to be performed and to discuss the cost of services. Meeting times may be arranged when convenient for the municipality.
  • Paper Quality and Color. A high-quality, recycled paper in a cream or ivory color is most suitable for printing the Code. Such paper generally reduces eye strain for the user.
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